Pre-care and aftercare for colonic irrigation

How should I prepare for colonic treatment?

If you have ongoing gut health issues like bloating, constipation, ibs, and cramping always check with your doctor before booking any wellbeing treatment. If your symptoms do not improve after your colonic course, consider having symptoms checked.

What do I need to do after a colonic?

For many people the treatment of colonic irrigation offers instantly uplifting benefits. It feels like a great weight has been taken off, and in many cases it has. But its always best to follow the clinical aftercare offered by your therapist. Did you know that drinking fizzy drinks or alcohol can cause cramping and bloating.

How many colonic treatments should I have?

Most people see great benefits after three treatments of colonic irrigation. Some people chose to have a coffee enema to cleanse the body on the second treatment, and then a probiotic implant to restore gut flora on the third and final treatment. Try to leave a month before subsequent treatments.

Need more info?

Information is not meant to replace advice from a doctor. Always consult a medical practitioner before making dietary or lifestyle changes or booking any treatment. Terms and conditions apply.