Colonic Aftercare


No gym for 24 hours post treatment.


No alcohol for 24 hours post treatment

Skin Conditions

Colonics may help skin conditions to clear including acne as they detoxify the body. If you are seeking skin improvements consider 3 treatments.


Take a course of probiotics. This is a great time (maybe even the best time) to restore gut flora.


For who suspect they have imbalanced gut flora like candida, consider a probiotic implant on the next treatment.

Fizzy Drinks

No fizzy drinks or alcohol


Cramping can happen. And unfortunately in some cases it does happen after the colonic treatment. If you get cramps don’t panic, it could be that you have eaten something gas forming. If you have underlying IBS, cramping can be triggered. Be sure to ask your pharmacist for something to calm the cramps.

  • Cramps are sometimes caused when impacted matter in the gut has been loosened but not fully released.
  • Drink herbal tea. Hot lemon tea with honey is recommended.
  • Keep hydration levels up
  • Take electrolytes
  • Rest if possible. You will be tired after your colonic. Go to bed early.

Food Intolerances

If you have ongoing cramping and other symptoms, now is a great time to consider a food sensitivity test which may help identify imbalances to certain foods suspected of being food intolerants. Trial elimination of suspected food intolerants may help them clear.